Monday, January 30, 2017


Recognize: semi curl neck strain slight body torque is semi unease indecision. Held in check, by Rosanne reruns on the TV. Tall plant trunk leaning on a wall, erroneously given thematic status in retro if it ever appears in a photo with me from a turbulent era flattened to nostalgia through acceptance resolution time. Without investing much thought in the idea, I could be dead in a few years and I also could live a long time. The humans: seems hopeless but try we're all we got. Their urges and drives: I'm still confused about how they're supposed to fit in. Their religion: No thanks I fuckin seen enough

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Die Arschblödheit an sich

Mal die Schuld schön sich anschaun, ssist alleine mein.
Vertraun auf Mensch und Herrgott, klar hab ich längst mehr kein.
Ihre Schuld in mich glaubn reinstopfn könn, das schon blöd lächerlich.
Sich dann vom Pfaff die doch rückgem lassn wolln, die Arschblödheit an sich

Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Angel

The angel descended and said unto me pray when you're afraid. And I said unto the angel, I'm afraid people been praying almost since humans knew how to take a shit but most people in the world's life still ain't hardly worth a fuckin quarter. And the angel said unto me that's cause you dumb fuckers keep suckin up to con artist moneymen like I could understand every few centuries and shit cause god made you dumb gullible fucks but you fall for it every decade or 2? Jesus christ you're fucked to be honest prayin won't do jack, if I was you I'd bend over put my head between my legs and kiss my ass goodbye. And I said unto the angel that it can bite my nads. And the angel said unto me that I'm a useless son of a bitch. And I said unto the angel I'll take you on, you think I can't roll you? And the angel said unto me I'd like to see you fuckin try it. And I got up but the angel'd already ascended into heaven, ya just like I thought, fuckin chickenshit, it knew I could roll it. And then I thought unto myself maybe they're workin on a new version of the bible like bible 3.1 and I was supposed to be a story in it and people'll name their kids after me for a few thousand years, maybe I blew it cause I pissed off the angel too much, but then I also thought unto myself we got the internet now and I'll probably at least get on one of those lists like 20 people you didn't know that almost got in the new bible 3.1, probably'll be called something else than bible. And I never seen that angel come back again