Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Large Ones, or, Imagine all the things that could’ve happened to the passerby with whom you’re acquainted and everything he could’ve observed and experienced just in the last hour before he said “Me too, I hope so” to you – and then apply any mixture of millions of possible distortions to whichever mix you’ve chosen of those possible observations & experiences once they’ve been filtered through that person’s perception faculties run by their typical free-association mood-influenced good-for-shit calculation capacities which seem to have evolved in largest part for survival and pragmatic social functioning but are almost useless for conveying precision of intention, feeling, or mind-state – then consider the continuation of such perception-filtered observations and experiences reaching back to this person’s beginning, weakening with distance from now but with particular phases or points surely still effective – and then rationalize the presence of that same perception-filter permeating your own senses as they process the sentence he just said to you as the present end-result of this circus of a developed structure of rational incompetence: you have little clue what this fucker feels or intends, and it’s possible there’s no connection between you and him other than an observable sensory encounter based largely on proximity, and a two-way exchange & comprehension of uttered human speech at the instinctively social and superficial physical levels