Monday, June 24, 2013

World's Major Languages Series, #16: Swahili & the Bantu Languages, Morphology - Highly Agglutinative Verb Morphology with Extensive Tense/Aspect Systems, Marking Unusually Granular Distinctions in Past Time; Numerous Noun Classes Each Marked with a Singular & a Plural Prefix which Agree with a Wide Range of Syntactic Categories; while I watched 'Untold Scandal' – or, On Non-Communicative Signs, Saying Fuck All this Bullshit about the Weather Every Day, and Not Caring at the Time Whether You're Indoors or Outside

World's Major Languages Series, #15: Yoruba Phonology, Complex Interactions between Nasal Consonants & Vowels and Adjacent Phonemes, Syllabic Nasal vs Nasal-Vowel String, Vowel Deletion, and Pitch; Though the Distribution of [n] & [l] Far More Complicated than Other Nasal/Sonorant Alternations, [n] Shown to be an Allophone of /l/, while I watched 'The Devil's Own' – or, Trouble: I Could Never Easily Perform Linear Thought Concerning More than 3 Variables, or Productively Make Complex Decisions Involving Logical or Chronological Interdependency of Heterogeneous Parts, You Can't Do Very Many Jobs in This Condition; Coffee is the Only Substance that Temporarily Removes Whatever This Block Is; That was Good News Until It Started Eating Away My Digestive System or Doing Something to my Kidneys or Whatever – There's Probably Other Substances, but I Probably Can't Use Them Without Getting Fired; I Sit at a Desk, I Still Got Over 25 Years Before Retirement, I Need Somebody to Pay Me a Full Time Wage to Do Whatever I Feel Like Doing Without Particularities, Pretty Soon

Saturday, June 22, 2013

World's Major Languages Series, #13: Malay Morphology & Syntax, Large Set of Derivational Affixes, More or Less Productive, Which Function as Nominalizers or Verbalizers, or Change the Syntactic or Semantic Roles of Verbs; Transitive Verbs Inflected as Agent-Oriented or Object-Oriented, the Latter Conditioning Various Syntactic Rules Depending on Whether the Agent is a Pronoun, Whether the Pronoun is 3rd Person, & Other Factors, while I watched 'Trainspotting'

World's Major Languages Series, #12: Korean Phonology & Morphology, Markedly Productive Nasal & Articulation-Point Assimilation of Consonants, and Extensive End of Word Consonant Neutralization; 7 Potential Suffix Positions for Finite Verbs; Numerous Forms of Derivational Causative & Passive Suffixes in Addition to Periphrastic Forms for Each; while I watched 'Ordinary People' – or, Lifestyle, the Things I Believe, What I Do Where There are Choices, What Entertains Me, How I Dwell, So That I Can Entertain, the Way That I Entertain, THAT I Entertain – It's So Hard, Lifestyle Features, These Days Quick Social Clustering Effects of Culturified People Culturing Now with SuperMedia - or Medified People Made Cultured, Either Way - Too Unpopular & You're Easily Evil Quickly – But Not to Lifestyle Exactly Like Everyone Else Either, These Days- Those Features are My Only Identity – Outside the Exclusive, Ignored but Exclusive Club that Does Such that They're Defined by What They Do is the Rest, Pervasive, Defined by Lifestyle Features – So Many Choices, but Those Social Clustering Laws – All the Same, Little Features Screaming for a Little Identity – Me, I Believe, I Like, Lifestyle Not Exactly Like Yours, Almost

World's Major Languages Series, #11: Burmese Phonology, an Aspirate and a Plain Set of Stops/Affricates, Fricatives, Nasals & Resonants; Voiced Consonants are Stops/Affricates & Fricatives Only, In Initial Position Restricted Mostly to Nouns; Various Sandhi Processes Distinguished by 'Open' vs 'Close' Syllable Junctures, with Different Effects on 'Major' & 'Minor' Syllables, while I watched 'Impromptu' – or, The Tale of the Man with Striped Fingers Who Always Flips Off His Fuckin Wife When She Comes in the Door

Friday, June 21, 2013

World's Major Languages Series, #10: Sino-Tibetan Languages, the Question of Whether Tonal Contrast is a Genetic Feature or Developed Independently in Separate Languages or Subfamilies after the Split of Proto-Sino-Tibetan; and Reconstruction of the Proto Form of the Tibeto-Burman Branch, Presumed Split Ergative System, the Gyrong Verbal Affix Forms Marking 3-Person 3-Number Subject/Object Agreement as the Attested System Nearest to the Original, while I watched 'Something's Gotta Give' – or, Why a Still Cropped Image in Crepuscular Light of a Dwelling, Symbol or Other Object of Functional Value, Cut Off From its Adjecent Spatial & Chronological Context, Fucks Up People's Sense of Their Situation in Time and Prompts the Illusion that Passion, Melancholy & Such Sort of Poorly-Targeted Catch-All Terms for Neural Activity Effects are Non-Relative, Discrete & Substantial

World's Major Languages Series, #9: Vietnamese Syntax – Nouns Commonly Identified by Preposed Classifiers Signifying Particular Semantic Categories or Nominalizing from Other Parts of Speech; Numerous Particles for Tense, Interrogation, Negation, Topicalization, Confirmation, Attitude Nuances, Intensity, Direction, while I watched 'First Wives Club' – or, Illustration Comparing Similarity Derived from a Common Source to Areal Likeness Caused by Diffusion or Assimilation

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

World's Major Languages Series, #7: Tamil,Various Tense-Marked Non-Finite Verb Forms for Clause Subordination & Coordination Due to Strict Limit of Finite Verbs Allowed in a Sentence; Widespread Nominal Compounding, Including Coordinate Noun Strings & Reanalysis of Prefixes as Nouns in Borrowed Compounds; Productive Use of Noun/Verb Compounds to Compensate for Lack of Proper Adverbs, while I watched 'How to Marry a Millionaire' – or, Still Frame from Thought at Last Second of Some Person's Life & so Appearing to Stretch into Infinite Dream about Holiday Party at Work in a Career where the Person Managed No Contribution within the Field or Made Any Difference to its Connections with Society or Environment, & Touched No Existence of Anyone Involved There

World's Major Languages Series, #6: Hausa Morphology - Tense, Aspect, Mood & Negation Carried by Inflected Pronoun Forms, with Partitivity, Transitivity, Reflexivity, Causality & More Carried by 7 Verb Grades, Each w/ 1 to 3 Forms Differentiated by Vowel Endings & High/Low Tone Patterns Across the Word, while I watched 'Old Boy' – or, Someday When People are Able to Load Files of their Neural & Nerve Mappings into Electronic Devices and Potentially Exist Forever Causing Everybody to Go Insane Spending Their Lives Concentrating on Securing those Files & Devices, and Insuring their Durability & Protection, then There'll Definitely be One Time Where There's Some Futuristic Gypsy-Style Hippie Girl Crouching Behind a Row of Houses Hiding from a Floating Electronic Search Probe

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

World's Major Languages Series, #5: Arabic Syntax, Suffixed Conjugation for Perfect Aspect & Prefixed Conjugation for Imperfect; Classical Arabic VSO, Focus Transformations Common via Fronting of Subject in the Accusative Case Following 'Indeed' Word; Modern Arabic Dialects Generally SVO – and, Hebrew Phonology, Modern Hebrew Lost Consonant Gemination of Biblical Hebrew; Root Alternations Resulting from Spirantization of Stops Subsequent to Biblical Hebrew are Reduced to 3 Consonant Pairs in the Modern Language; Impossible to Determine Phonemic Relevance of Spirantization, Length, et al Features in Biblical Language Due to Tightly Regulated Syllable Structure, while Eventual Loss of Length Distinction Resulted in Phonemic Status of Spirantization in Modern Hebrew, while I watched 'Runaway Bride'

World's Major Languages Series, #4: Arabic Phonology, All Consonants, Including Pharyngeals, Laryngeals & /r/, Can Geminate; Emphatic & Post-Velar Consonants Cause Lowering, Retraction & Centralization of Adjacent Vowels; Vowels Can Also be Short or Long; Has Preserved Proto-Semetic's Triangular System Based on the 3 Corner Vowels, with Dialects Developing Various Additional Ones through General Drift, while I watched 'The Piano'

World's Major Languages Series, #3: Turkish, Complex Verbal Nominalization & Subordinate-Clause Agreement Patterns, while I watched "Mona Lisa Smile" – or, Failing is So Easy, Almost as Easy as Fucking Breathing, but Do People Have to Keep Doing it the Exact Same Way Like There's a Manual for it?

Monday, June 17, 2013

World's Major Languages Series, #2: Pashto, Intricate Verb Inflection Pattern Distributed across Exceptionally Diverse Semantic & Syntactic Functions; End of the Indo-European Section – or, Start of the Uralic Section: Hungarian, Verbs Can Agree Simultaneously w/ Subject & Object in Particular Combos in Person (though Not Number); 1st Syllable Stress as in Many Uralic Languages; as in Finnish, Syllable Length & Stress Mutually Independent, Vowel & Consonant Length is Phonemic – or, O Bitch How Much Do I Really Have to Worry About a Particular Drawing When Its Presented in a Series or Will be Seen as Part of a Body Someday, I’m Just Keeping Up on an Individualized Form of Communication Which I Think is Sufficiently Recognizable By Now, Why is Everything Such a Fussy Pain in my Balls All the Time – or, What I Drew While I Watched ‘Love Impossible’ and ‘Punch’

World’s Major Languages Series, #1: Farsi, Very Symmetrical Phoneme Inventory; Lost Most of the Inflectional Morphology Characteristic of Its Relatives; Very Complicated System of Combining Tense & Aspect Markers for Signifying Generic, Specific, Definite, Indefinite, Topical, etc Properties -- or, the Erker Corner with a Rug and the 3 Windows 2 from which Staring Inside Are People I Worry I Might've Insulted, from the Left One On Purpose, Long Ago When I Was Ruder, From the Center One By Accident, if I was Drunk or Just Not Thinking Before Speaking, and from which Other is Staring Inside a Copy of All the Factors that Make Me Not Want to do Anything, Any Work, Nothing -- or, Hot Apt on a Street in a Boring Part of the City When Alternation of Being Alone & Not Doesn't Coincide with Needs of my Nerves & Attitude