Thursday, July 28, 2011

A fucker that gets jealous of women

A fucker that gets jealous of women, especially if they're upbeat & somewhat small, whenever, whether by their natural abilities or through effort, they do really well at something, except that he never really gets bothered when they're good at sports as long as they don't look extraordinarily hot

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

#12 of 20, 3rd Series

Financial adviser who got invited to a champagne breakfast by some people he kind of knows, and they also invited their artist friends & you can tell easily that they're all trying to get him interested in buying their art, cause he's rich

Monday, July 25, 2011

Fancy Couple at a Diner Bar in Chelsea

Fancy couple at a diner bar in Chelsea in 1997 where she's telling him that she has to go to 6 doctor appointments a year if you count the dentist & that's assuming it's a year where she's not even sick

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Thursday, July 21, 2011

#19 of 20, 3rd Series

Model from 1982 watching her kids at an Easter egg hunt where she wore a fancy vinyl jacket w/ messed up looking half-sleeves that make a contrast w/ her tight pants so you can't help it to notice how hot she is, so people behind her aren't watching their kids hunt for eggs

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

#3 of 20, 3rd Series

Sort of mixed up high-school girl dancing w/ her 29-yr-old boyfriend at prom in the mid 80's where she has to lean forward & yell cause of the music to tell him for 3rd time she's so happy she can't believe it that he dressed in style for her prom, because he wore a pink button-up shirt w/ a grey sweater over it that doesn't have sleeves

Thursday, July 14, 2011

On the Technology Maintenance Deluge, the A-Team, Max Frisch, and Why Books are Still Better : a Rant


I'm alone for the week, so every day after work the theme is "what should i do while i'm free" so yesterday i got me a six of Radeberger, some chew, and I decided, i'd never go to a theater for this and i don't do netflix or any of that crap, i don't give a shit about movies in general, but I decided, guilty pleasure this one time, i'm gonna go rent the A Team movie, but on Blockbuster Myrtle Avenue's door there's a paper sign written in marker: "this store is out of business as of Wednesday" (today), and i looked in and they’re almost done emptying the shelves, netflix put them suckers out of commission i guess – I ain’t riding around NYC to find another video store, so i figured, just this one time, i'm gonna pay for a movie online, even do a month of Netflix if that’s the only way -- but no , the A Team's on DVD only, no download available -- so i opened some Radebergers and watched some old TV A-team episodes on instead and had some nicotine, then my McAfee starts telling me i got a problem, scan status is fine, but I need to backup, never even seen that message before like they just added it, so I say OK, but all it does is lead me thru a typical inane logic loop all around the McAfee page, finally i get it running but it freezes my computer so I try to close it and ignore it but keeps coming back, then my web starts freezing, I have to restart a few times and my computer starts up w/ a registry check – this looks bad but I keep trying to finish my A Team episode, -- then my registry starts freaking out and w/in a few hrs my computer doesn't work - didn't even watch no porn, just the fucking A-Team, how can Hannibal crash a computer? I just paid Mcafee to clean my fucking computer twice in the last year on top of the yearly fee I already pay them fuckers to keep my computer clean, also had to buy a new printer, and my old desktop crashed 2 yrs ago, - I got no fucking money left


So after I smashed the dickweed machine a few times and ruined a few keys I figured I still have more Radeberger and chew, then I got my Max Frisch book out and read for a few hours and realized I could've been doing this the whole time anyway, spending my time on Montauk instead of the A-Team for one thing, then also instead of dicking around with a hard drive and web problems all I had to do was open a fucking book and close it when I wanted and maybe put in a god damn bookmark if I really needed to be particular, but the best part, I don't have to worry about my Max Frisch book breaking unless I fucking burn it in the frying pan by accident while I’m heating up tuna and a slice of bread , shit even if I spill my Radeberger on it or drop it in the can I could still probably read it


As I was, in large part unwisely, setting things up for my life when I was younger and weighing the idea of dragging my ass thru a moderately demanding 9-5 my whole life to support myself while I make non-commercial drawings & stories and live in NYC and all the give & take and shit that comes with it, vs. running thru some hard core sort of stressful regiment and forgetting about art to try to live better when I got older, I didn't count either way on this money- and time-eating tech trap, I never asked for any of this shit, I don't have nothing but a home laptop and cell phone and printer and I can't even afford their upkeep, I hope everybody chokes on their bottleneck- and price-driving aps and upgrades and toy gadgets that cost them more than my whole food budget every month.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Original pencil on vellum drawing w/ text for litho run long time ago sent out as holiday cards by SBGallery

Some people posing for a picture at the holiday party at work while Wilson-Phillips is on the radio and, following very different sequences of reasoning through their different circumstances and without suspecting the same thoughts among each other, feeling remarkably similar, mild doses of melancholy generated by stronger kicks of anxiousness, mostly caused by perceptions of themselves as inadequate based on standards they can't quite wrap their thoughts around, which in turn are being brought out of dormancy by the unregistered yet pervasive expectations that are part of big holidays

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Drawing-titles copied in pen over 15 yrs ago for unknown reason discovered in back pgs of bio on Habsburg Charles I of Austria

I have "The Last Habsburg" by Gordon Brook-Shepard on my shelf, I read it a few times in the last 15 yrs. I flipped through the book today and discovered that on the last page of the index & the final blank pages, I had written long ago in pen a handful of titles of my drawings, and I have no idea why. Some of the corresponding drawings are posted on the Stolperer blog, some are earlier versions of stories I rewrote for new drawings, some are in the orange book, some I'd completely forgotten about.
Anyway here's the titles:


-Wood sculptor on sofa while his date when to piss

-Wealthy historian form year 2230 trying on artificial custom-made cock and balls

-Dog whore on couch

-Guy at 1st day of telemarketing job listening to speech about wearing shorts but not jeans, & thinking that he's probably the only person in the room with 4 different hair colors for head, beard, cock & stomach

-Famous athlete watching Bob Costas interview George Peppard on "Later" while woman he never met before is going down on his cock for 3rd time

-2 girls 4 months away from bad girl clothing stage but still young enough to cry about cat getting killed

-Morning sunlight shining on glass of booze (with vegetable in it) in computer paste-upers' bedroom

-Middle aged fucker who abuses his family & gets paid money to play golf

-Small girl at a catholic college who likes to wear a lot of makeup sitting in class while priest/teacher is telling story about girl who once ruined her looks by wearing too much makeup

-Kid asking his bitchy lawyer mom how she would rate the Superfriends in order of strength and speed

-Uncomfortable guy who doesn't drink anymore & wore white T-shirt to a party where they have Japanese furniture

-Photographer who only does drugs when he & his wife hang out with other couples

-Guy at meeting daydreaming about running for president by wearing white T-shirts

-Someone who went to Texas to work and got beat up by 5 guys

-Isis beside her dresser

-Friendly alcoholic telling nephew that New York is so big they need 5 phone books

-Mad guy because he got the most expensive underwear in world for Christmas but it hurts his nads cause its made partially of metal

-Old woman watching "On Golden Pond" on cable & thinking that she loves all of her children, but probably loves 2 of them better than the others

-Drunk guy with no shirt who just won 12 dollars on slot machine