Monday, August 9, 2010

Some Woman That Was at Her 10-yr. High School Reunion Last Month

Some woman that was at her 10-yr. high school reunion last month & got the award for the classmate that moved the farthest away from their town, & now she’s sitting there at the wedding dance party for her sister that most people think looks better than her, & she’s a little smarter than her too, and she’s looking over at her older relatives at another table staring into space & guesses that they’re figuring out at what point did their lives change from being an experience to a tradition, except that a few of them whose kids didn’t ever fit in with the rest of the family seem like they’re thinking the bride’s a bitch

Some fucker walking out of shower barefoot on pissy floor


20 year old broker from 1997 buckling his belt in his office before he goes to tell some other brokers that the boss in going to fire them

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Enets, pt. 1

Enets, pt. 2

Some Fucking Actor on a TV Series

Some fucking actor on a TV series arguing with his director & writers about a re-write during shooting on short notice so that, instead of a scene where he would’ve had to tell a woman with no self-confidence that she’s not very attractive and even when she was, he never loved her anyway, now he has to do a scene where he starts yelling at memories by name and swinging punches at them like they’re all real things flying around the room & then lay down on the floor & start crying, even though he’s made it clear that he won’t do intense crying scenes unless he has a 2 hour cushion to sip whiskey first