Monday, July 26, 2010

Young Artist in Studio

Young artist that’s in his studio right when he figures out he gave up everything he has for art & doesn't have enough money to make hardly any more works, and he’ll probably be lonely for a long time, so he just sat down in a chair and started crying

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

God's Plan

The war is god's plan : hell shroud of a famous war fanatic, minus the glasses

Proust and Gabel

Marcel Proust, from “The Prisoner”

The imagination that man would be happier, capable of a more elevated poetry, if his eyes could see more colors, his nostrils smell more perfumes, is a philosophical version of the na├»ve belief that life was more beautiful when, instead of dark suits, people wore sumptuous costumes […] just as an aroma, unpleasant itself, of mothballs and vetiver would have delighted me by restoring to me the pure blue of the sea on the day I arrived at Balbec,…

Jeff Gabel, from my ass

That’s because happiness and the enjoyment of, or any other reaction to beauty are subjective and internal, both emotionally and intuitively, and only stimulated by the objective and external, and so they can’t be reduced to something as shallow as the quantity of colors one is exposed to, even when color is the beauty-element at issue

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Swinger Interviewed on TV

Some guy telling the interviewer on a news program about swingers that his biggest fear in life is that he'll turn 80 and realize that he didn't get enough ramming in during his life

Monday, July 12, 2010

Career Artist from Turn of Millennium

Art is for wusses now, it’s turned into a career like every other career where you can assess input-items like effort, time, money, materials, & styles, independent of your primal motivations, against the efficiency expected in maximizing the quality & quantity of a set of recognition bytes, a trend probably largely a derivative of a wider tendency where everything, even personal faith & virtues, have reduced themselves to schemes for gaining personal experience & public credit, but in order to help anticipate and form a new world, still waiting to develop out of the destruction caused by people during the 19th - 21st centuries, whenever it finally ends, artists & writers & creators will be more necessary than ever, and it will take generations of them to make the amorphous raw material of the new earth visible and breathe life into new ancestors, and for this, creation of form needs to become fundamental again instead of a flaunt, embellishment, or decoration, and the earth needs to be re-attached to permanent meaning and redeemed from the senseless grip of machines, and the heavens filled with gods again. But to take part in this you need to have either the simplicity and unaffectedness of a child, or the power of a titan. I don’t have either one. I’m superfluous and fragmentary. I am so fucking over with

Thursday, July 8, 2010

House vs. Senate

Someone who it’s not impossible that he’s a U.S. House member if you go by how he looks, but he couldn’t be a Senator cause he looks like too much of a fuck up

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Light-Image that’s Trying but Having Trouble to Come into Vision

Light-image that’s trying but having trouble to come into vision because it has colors and shapes that don’t exist yet sent from people way in the future just before humans went extinct telling us not to get so worked up about the art deluge; cheap middle-class-like career artists and young overrated artists making expensive crap for bad Chelsea galleries in the early 21st century are not going to be remembered, because they aren’t original – they are to our time what overrated artists still copying impressionists or even what people making candles and pottery for tourists were to the times just before us – and we should’ve been able to figure that out by ourselves, but anyway, we shouldn’t even be worrying about whether art is fair or honest because there are bigger problems in the future like going extinct, but they're saying that humans are a bunch of fuckers so we know you won’t do anything about it now, but we hope you’ll pass this message down so people can see it at least when humans are near the extinction point

Friday, July 2, 2010

Statue of a Fucking Scientist from 600 Years Later

Statue of a fucking scientist from 600 years later from now who will have at least slowed down a rapid trend towards people believing that they should let themselves go extinct based on their unworthiness due to an invention 200 yrs earlier that widened the previously known limits of simultaneous distribution of matter & objects relative to their movement which should likely have ended all but personal or very local cases of suffering with some administrative organizational effort but instead will have ended up failing to change suffering’s net value in 200 yrs, solely because of people themselves, and what will still then have always been called selfishness-- but his archaeological & genetic work will later show good evidence that selfishness has no substantial basis, and doesn’t even have theoretical foundations, at least not in an indeclinable form, but rather, that the mass of concepts which will have always been roughly & collectively referred to as selfishness is actually composed of several phenomena previously associated w/ disparate behavioral and genetic modes, and in particular he will see, as potential for helping curb traits & behavior that hinder human welfare, promise in the possibility of manipulating one of these newly discovered phenomena, namely a mutation that evolved in hominids which he will demonstrate to have helped lead to a class of simple reasoning defects, one of the most consequential of them having created the innate human susceptibility to believing that process or the chase is more important than the goal