Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Paul Stanley in Confidential TV Interview

Paul Stanley in confidential TV interview with face blurred out to hide his identity

Friday, June 11, 2010

Wisdom without Intelligence

Some woman whose fucking behavior in everyday as well as urgent situations pushes to such extreme limits the idea that wisdom, even virtuous wisdom, can be independent of intelligence that her nature acquires a component of pure evil because people who interact with her for any notable length of time, after swiftly running the gamut of responsive socially-induced feelings from inspiration to care to respect to doubt to irreversible annoyance, eventually wind up torturing themselves upon discovering that they’re capable of feeling absolute and malicious hatred for the most selfless, honorable and humane concepts of the human imagination

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Someone that’s Never Cried because of Another Person

Someone that’s never cried because of another person except one time 20 yrs. ago when some girl left him cause she said he’s weak, and now he’s sitting there on the floor watching a movie with some friends & trying not to cry cause of a part where some recovering con-artist says memories are tricky because when they’re recent, then they’re layered & dimensional and can still interact with imagination, & it feels like they’re not finished yet, but later they freeze up around a few trivial details like a school wall or a fixed object in a relative’s yard while flattening most of the feelings and any sense of belonging to something

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Older Artist & Wife Standing by Chrome Sculpture

Older artist & wife standing by chrome sculpture called “global sexuality” with idiotic whimsical words on it at a popular curated art show that happens periodically where everybody that gets in it ends up getting a lot of attention afterwards and a lot of the fuckers just got out of grad school and learned exactly how much to spend on an art piece & how refined to make it and what themes to use to attract collectors & curators, and he’s telling her he knew they shouldn't've come to see the show and this is eventually what you get with capitalism & a market system and history will judge them all as commercial design artists cause none of them separate themselves from the crowd as geniuses, and the art world is nothing but an old bitch

Monday, June 7, 2010

Some Artist That's Lucky

Some artist that's lucky cause he figured out when he was really young, without trying to, how to compartmentalize the major divisions of existence like work, ego, self/faith, people, survival, human-functions, etc, so that they can run parallel in separate modes w/out being too much dependent on each other, otherwise he has the kind of personality that would've tried to either live towards total harmonization so the divisions would compete & cancel out each other and he'd turn into a half-ass, or else he'd end up mastering one or 2 of the divisions at the expense of the others to where he'd destroy himself through extremism