Monday, April 26, 2010

Some Fine Artist

Some fine artist that it’s hard to tell his age right at first cause he wears clothes like people that work in an embassy or consulate & has a mix of feminine features with a bit of a male-type rebellious trait in his face, and he’s worried that way in the future when they decide who were the most famous artists from our time, they’ll pick some everyday people that made things on YouTube cause its accessible & less self-conscious & socially interactive while gallery artists keep making variations of the same visual & conceptual themes that aren’t really important anymore

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A fucker at a dinner get-together

A fucker right when someone's asking him what kind of liquor he wants to drink at a dinner get-together where he doesn't know most people there & he thought there wasn't going to be any booze because he didn't see any up until now

#30 of 50, 2nd Series

#42 of 50, 2nd Series


Depressed fucker that got blacked out because he used to think that being in a rush all the time doing things that other people think are important was the best way to have a satisfying life

Depressed fucker that got faded because he used to think that the place where you live was the most important part of having a satisfying life

#28 of 50, 2nd Series

#16 of 50, 2nd Series

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Some Guy that Seems Like He Was Never an Important Part of Groups

Some guy that seems like he was never an important part of groups and that he never had as much fun as he says, cause he uses “we” and “they” all the time whenever he tells about things that happened before, but his stories don’t fuckin ever have any part that tells exactly what he did in them

4th Grade Teacher While She's Telling Her Class Chinese People Write Vertically and Eat Cats

Salt and Pepper

Kid at a restaurant where he put the salt on his food and then the waiter's putting the pepper on

#50 of 50, 2nd Series

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Fucking Woman from 2002

A fucking woman from 2002 in her early 30's that hires a nanny even though she doesn't work & her husband doesn't make that much so she has time to go biking & fly to visit her college friends & work on her web blog about exercise, cause she knows, in a way that is about half way between totally unconscious and calculated, that if they don’t end up sustaining a balance that keeps up with inflation, and even if they eventually pile up a lot of debt, it won’t be the end of the world cause they’ll be covered at least someday when she inherits from her upper middle class suburb parents that she’s annoyed by cause they don’t have progressive lifestyles or outlooks, but she doesn’t know at all or she hasn’t considered that it wouldn’t carry past her own generation unless her parents were totally rich cause she’ll waste it all paying her debt & supporting her recreations when she’s older but still healthy, and her kids will be fucked unless their generation turns into rebels and decides they’re not born just to worship their bodies or groom themselves to effortlessly slide into every social and recreational activity with spontaneous poise

Computer Generated Image of Theoretical Person with the 1st-World's Average Percieved Social Value

Computer-generated image of theoretical person with the 1st-world’s average perceived social value who, under controlled conditions, could jam up & briefly crash the instincts of a moderately hurried middle-to-upper-middle-class person who he knows through daily or weekly routine by forcing a tie in the split-second unconscious decision whether or not he’s worth it for them to slow down & acknowledge him with at least a short sentence and encouraging tone before hurrying past to finish being with the people, starting or facilitating the conversations, and earning social credit for their part in the personal or family activities that their instincts have already decided are necessary for them to go to bed that evening with the least possible amount of unsatisfaction and anxiousness

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Genius High School Kid

Genius high school kid that just handed in a paper where he proved that the existence of evil and the existence of infinity automatically exclude each other so there’s no such thing as evil, and showed evidence that anything that’s ever been thought of as good can be explained by equilibrium points of directions in conditions or states of society, which occur as inherent properties of the coincidence of a phenomenon like time with a human type of brain

Depression Quiz

1. I called my boss a bitch because
A. she’s a bitch
B. some people at work told me to do it, & I didn’t want to sandbag them
C. she made me do a big report & then she told me it’s wrong
D. my job is a waste of time

2. When I met someone I know on my way to work and talked to them for a while, I started crying out of nowhere because
A. they said something so unexpected that I didn’t know which emotion to use
B. it was a humid spring morning and it seemed like there were a lot of possibilities for the future
C. I heard “Intruder” by Van Halen earlier and I still had the song in my head
D. I though of how happy this scene would’ve made me feel a few days ago when my life was so much better

3. When I meet new people or hook up with someone in a relationship, I think of it as
A. a rough and sometimes scary process
B. a chance to expand my knowledge & enjoyment of the human pageant through another individual example
C. a chance to have a long friendship with someone that’s perfect for my personality
D. another acquaintance, which inherently increases the probability that someone I know will have something disturbing happen to them

4. When I’ve been watching a lot of TV lately, I usually find out that I was in a comfortable transitional phase between an up-swing or a down-turn in attitude. The most salient observation that’s come out of these phases is
A. new and interesting presentations of the discovery process and the universe’s phenomena can spark the minds of a younger generation and encourage them to build their lives around lifetime goals that were mostly lacking in the last few generations
B. even though sitcoms are poor quality creations, they illuminate the entire range of character flaws in a sympathetic way so that we feel like we’re not alone
C. a documentary about orchestra musicians is probably the best example of the beneficial balance between self-motivation & discipline toward a singular difficult task, and cooperative performance that respects the constraints demanded by a group
D. people like Bob Eubanks that end up on Hollywood Squares are some of the most washed-up people in the world

5. Everything is
A. a pain in my balls
B. a potential accident or tragedy
C. a waste of time
D. all of the above

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A woman that likes to work jobs in other countries

A woman that likes to work jobs in other countries so she can brag about them even though they're not important and she's sitting at a Thanksgiving meal telling her relatives about how her contractor son just got a bid to build a bunch of fucking houses in Italy, so then her sister-in-law that can't stand her cause she lives in a small city and writes sports articles for the local kids' teams asks her how come she never talks about her other son whose an artist that just borrowed a whole bunch of money to make a video of himself pissing on government buildings around the world