Thursday, March 30, 2017

Lung love compensation. A health and butt envy compensation. My butt and health envy compensation. We can be give give give give give.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

I left the flophouse on an ice-packed snow-crust day in January and went out west and found God and we ordered a 1910 style pre-fab farmhouse put up on a plot and planted corn and built an idol and called it Corn Man and knelt and worshipped it with money of which I had none so God loaned me some but that sombitch world-bank'd and IMF'd my ass so my debt grew taller than the corn and taller than Corn Man while all my work went to interest and bread and my 10 sq ft on the green linoleum in the kitchen in God's pre-fab and in the 12th year of dead soil scorched harvests debt restructure my eviction God says I think its time for some AAAL - CO - HOL!  and I said oh fuckin yeah!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Tulip’s drunk, tulip’s drunk, tulip’s drunk again,
on the davenport.
Tulip’s braver than me,
morally at least halfway free.
Me I sandbagged my fellow unfortunates
of different castes
for billionaires bullies and authority they act
like they’re something like me.
I did cause it was easy.
The torment of aging brown-nosed, guilt,
vs the torment on a davenport
negotiating neurosis and the unreliable day,
I figured what’s the difference
either way
when we die we die alone anyway.