Friday, August 5, 2016

"I got in a car, rode with evil
Evil evil
Lookin at town ignorin the statues
Jumped in back and
Made us sandwich
Made me afraid so i missed half of livin,
Livin livin
Made me believe in the way life's done
Believed my pride proved in history books
And people excite me today lost their value value
Road got wider, sun scorched landscape
Life got skinny,
Skinny skinny
I asked questions, evil said it
Said im hedging,
Hedging hedging
Waiting for my angle cushion my impact
Said i dont empathy, short term sympathy
Hang my creds on a fluffy collar  
Life as shallow as the edge of a dollar
Wish i could troll all,
Wish i could sequence
Can't do both em its one or the other
Spend half a lifetime choosin which one
Loose half a life on a choice of a branch
That ain't got branches, aint got choices
Ain't got nothing but voices
Tellin you shit about you ain't hurt.

Over easy eggs on a giant enchilada. In the diner that was most crowded AND biggest I ever seen. My waitress was my stereotype, overflow of food and obscenity of wet eggs on top of a whole other meal was a stereotype of excess and freedom. I couldnt eat it all, no way. I took the rest to go, I tried to save it for awhile but tossed it next stop, it had been nothing but an exercise, no value in the arc of a drive long enough for fantasies to flatten back to their original shallowness"  acrylic on canvas

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Shelf 1: Cool
Shelf 2: Afraid, Consumerness, Locked black box (of calculations, natural states, logic and other vague things), goal of healthy mood, but strategiless, mortality and brutality perceived, intermeshed
Shelf 3: String of vocabulary words for berries from a language place where a lot of kinds of berries are used often
Shelf 4: The parts of body and angles from which you can't see without more than 1 mirror

The appraisal is, a person goes here, then over there, there's more gaps than not so it's hard to speculate on functions or purposes of the efforts. Feel that it's reasonable to question the value of the efforts' engagement in the first place, the drive, as they have little effect on the inventory or its coherence

Friday, July 22, 2016 underrated. I like white wine better than purple wine now. I can see through it. I don't need the intense hue as focal point anymore, that's just for snapshot life - I move in the spandrels between endeavor now.

Monday, June 27, 2016

A fucker getting transfigured cause he saw jeans shorts cut off so part of the ass shows and a certain face he likes and he's too dense to suppress possessive jealousy and shit that you get with the little obsessions over people you can't have touch or get sympathy from